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Thursday, January 9, 2014

An Introduction to Island Fahion

Here in American Samoa we don't have much in the way of garment retail. In fact, it is very rare for people to actually purchase their ready-to-wear fashions on island. We don't have a shopping mall, or any big chain box stores. So where does a palagi "fahionista" go to get her retail therapy fix? We go fabric hunting and then to the sew shop!

The choice of fabric here puts any mainland fabric store to shame; with patterns and fabrics ranging from overtly island with breadfruit leaves and hibiscus flowers to more demure, feminine chiffons there really is a little bit of everything.

I am personally not super fond of the traditional puletasis (it's just too hot), so what my friends and I typically do is spend way too much time g-chatting and sending links back and forth from pinterest, forever 21, anthropologie and piperlime in order to gather ideas of what we would like made next. Ideally we print out a picture, go in search of fabric then hit the sew shop. Enjoy the photo tour:

Step 1: Find a style
Coral Shorts From cupcakesandcashmere.com 
Step 2: Fabric Store(s)
Tutuila Store, Tafuna

Step 3: Sew Shop
Photo From: Fellows Blog: Kiva

Step 4: Enjoy
The Shorts!

Regardless of personal opinion on the ethics of custom-made clothing, it is insanely inexpensive here-about $30 depending on price of fabric/yard. Honestly, many of the seamstresses and tailors (who are Filipino) experience better working conditions than their counterparts working in other countries for giant retailers. I'm not saying I don't buy products made in China, Cambodia or the like because I totally do; I'm just saying this is what's done on Tutuilla....When is Rome Fa'a Samoa.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013: People & Places

It has been well over a year since I have posted anything on this blog and it's time I breathed new life into it. Being out here is strange, and one can easily disappear. We have managed to meet and love some wonderful people, people  we didn't know a year ago. We have lost one of the most important people in our lives, thus cementing the need to be closer to family and have been met with a seemingly insurmountable challenge.

It has been nearly 2 years since The Guevaras moved from Fort Myers, Florida to Pago Pago, AS. We were so naive two years ago. Living in the South Pacific (specifically Tutuilla) is a continuous roller coaster ride, one minute you are struggling to keep food down, the next you are doing world class diving (followed by rescue), you go on beautiful hikes and travel to even more amazing places just to wake up the next morning and want nothing more than to go Publix instead of T.S.Mart (frightening).

Many of us admittedly drink way too much, some have even had interesting coconut oil experiences. It's a good, simple life here: lots of cookouts, water times and literally the slowest pace you could imagine, but it comes at a price. All in all we're thankful for this incredible opportunity, but we're hoping 2014 will have a move in store. The following are some of our favorite moments over the past year:

Foraging in Taputimu (January 2013)

Kayaking the Pala (February 2013)

Snipe Hunting New Zealand (March 2013)

Easter (April 2013)

Paloa Sunset (May 2013)

Florida (June 2013)

BB & Hop at Cape Matatula (July 2013)

Diving Amolau (August 2013)

Kilaeua (September 2013)

Remembering Hop (October 2013)

Redneck Thanksgiving Malaeimi (November 2013)

Christmas Program Hobie K3 December 2013)

2013, an amazing year that went by incredibly fast! We'll be eating black eyed peas tonight just to make sure 2014 is even more remarkable!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012